Seminars, team building & business events by bike

Explore new places as a team, get off the beaten tracks. Combine recognition and awareness, pleasure and performance, responsibility and solidarity. For an enterprise, a bike experience is a considerable lever of recognition and motivation, for each participant as well as the community.

Expertise at the service of companies and events agencies
Cycling expertise and logistics
Rates adapted to BtB
Top quality bikes and accessories
15 years of experience in cycling services

Our services

Organize and event on the Tour de France

Take advantage of our “official Tour de France tour operator” status, and exceptional access benefits on the world’s biggest cycling event. Invite your customers or partners to the magic of the Tour with VIP status. Offer them a one of a kind experience on the roads of the Tour de France in the place of a racer.

About seminaries upon request

Do you dream big and would you like to bring your team on the most extraordinary seminary that exists? Our experts are here to council and help you create a customized experience and offer your teams an unforgettable experience.
Create the most unique souvenirs on the routes: Alone we go fast, together we go far!

Supply and complete management of bikes

For a bike seminar, all begins with the material, and for the number, quality, and the bikes adapted to the activity, this is our strong point. We have more than 100 bikes for an identical function available for the same event: hybrid/e-hybrid, mountain bike and e-mountain bike, road bikes, and even gravel bikes. All the bikes in our park are major brands, recent, and in excellent condition.

Hospitalities & transfers

Offer your participants a 5 star bike experience. We take charge upon your request and depending upon the needs, the organization of hospitalities, lodging, refreshments, and meals with the support of our incorporated travel agency.

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Guides and security

Our team of monitor-bike guide experts takes part in the conception and pilot the bike experience: design a route adapted to each target, systematic briefings and bike set ups, a road captain for each group with directions and advice for perfect security conditions. They program the breaks and meals so that your teams always have the energy they need to be at their best.
Important point: all our monitor-guides are French certified.

Van support

As with the Tour de France and all important races, our collaborators are followed by an equipped van driven by our chauffeur-mechanics, ready to react to any need: water and energy bars, flat tires, or small mechanical or physical problems. They are essential for the security and comfort of your “champions”.

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